Chipotle Chilli



Chipotle Chilli

Chipotle chilli, a cornerstone of Mexican cuisine, is a dried and smoked jalapeño pepper, revered for its smoky, earthy flavour and moderate heat. This versatile chilli adds depth and complexity to a wide array of dishes.

Which chipotle chilli to buy?

Chipotle peppers are typically used in various forms: dried whole; cut into chipotle chilli flakes; ground into a fine powder; or rehydrated and turned into chipotle chilli paste or sauce. 

The smoky notes are a result of the traditional smoking process, which infuses the chilli with its distinctive, savoury aroma.

Their warm, lingering heat is milder than some other chilli varieties, and it features prominently in Mexican recipes like salsas, marinades, and adobo sauces, as well as being an ideal component of chilli con carne.

The smoky intensity of chipotle chilies pairs well with a wide range of ingredients, from meats and beans to vegetables and chocolate, offering a unique flavour profile that enriches all sorts of dishes.