BBQ & Kebab Skewers & Sticks



BBQ & Kebab Skewers & Sticks

Buy BBQ & kebab skewers & sticks for the first step to an epic barbecue feast! Who doesn’t like a smoky grilled kebab, freshly slid off its skewer? 

Grilling meat, vegetables, fish or halloumi on sticks allows for quick and safe cooking that avoids the burnt-outside-raw-inside caricature of barbecued food. 

BBQ skewers and sticks are, therefore, small but essential tools for outdoor cooking. Typically made of stainless steel or bamboo, they come in various lengths depending on how much you want to fit on them, as well as what size of barbecue you’re cooking on.

Stainless steel kebab skewers are durable and reusable, and allow for even cooking of meats, vegetables, and kebabs. 

Bamboo kebab sticks, on the other hand, are disposable, eco-friendly options, providing a convenient solution for single-use grilling – although they do need to be soaked first to avoid burning.