Baking Dishes & Roasting Tins



Baking Dishes & Roasting Tins

Roasting is one of the most versatile cooking techniques out there and a great way to bring out the best in your ingredients. But for the perfect roast, you need the right roasting tin. Choosing the right roasting tin doesn’t have to be complicated. 

What is the best material for a roasting tin?

Choosing the right roasting tin can make a huge difference when it comes to getting the perfect roast. 

Enamel roasting tins

Enamel tins are usually made from steel or aluminium, both of which will do the job well.  Steel is heavier and more durable, while aluminium is lightweight and easier to manoeuvre. Enamelware is durable and resilient - perfect for use in all ovens and indoors and outdoors. 

Stainless steel roasting tins 

When it comes to roasting dishes, stainless steel is a popular choice due to its durability and non-stick surface. Stainless steel roasting tins are heat resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius without warping or cracking. 

It's also important to make sure your tin has handles that can be gripped easily while wearing oven mitts. This will make it much easier to take out of the oven and onto the table. 

Mermaid roasting tins

Mermaid roasting tins are one of the best brands you can buy. Mermaid roasting tins undergo an anodising process which hardens the aluminium, making it tougher and resistant to rust. Aluminium offers even heat distribution throughout the entire tin, ensuring that your food is cooked evenly. It develops a natural non-stick patina over time, which makes clean-up a breeze.