Everything You Need to Know About Yuzu Kosho

If you’ve not experimented with Yuzu kosho in your cooking yet, you’re missing out. This Japanese chilli paste is a delicious addition to many dishes including Japanese hot pots, broths, miso soup and as a condiment to sashimi.

What is yuzu kosho?

Yuzu Kosho, or yuzugosho, is a Japanese chilli paste with strong floral yuzu notes. Yuzu Kosho gets its citrus taste from the yellow-green yuzu fruit that hails from Japan, which creates a wonderful contrast to the chilli flavour.

The condiment is created by fermenting fresh chillies with salt along and the zest and juice from yuzu. It’s an amazingly simple paste that only contains yuzu, green chilli pepper, salt, and sugar - but it packs a punch.

How can you use yuzu kosho in your cooking?

Yuzu Kosho is incredibly versatile and can be used in an array of Japanese dishes. Take a look at our favourite ways to add Yuzu Kosho to your cooking:

Yuzu kosho in rice dishes

Black Yuzu Kosho is a great addition to rice dishes to give them a bit of a kick.

Yuzu kosho with grilled meats

Yuzu Kosho is delicious with grilled meats, and makes a great companion to any BBQ. Our BBQ Lamb Skewer is a really simple recipe that demonstrates how easy Yuzu Kosho is to cook with.

Grilled meats taste amazing with Yuzu Kosho and all you need to do to create a rub is mix together Yuzu Kosho and garlic to make a thick paste then coat and marinade your chosen meat before grilling it.

Yuzu kosho dressing

Yuzu Kosho’s delightful citrus-chilli taste can also be used to create a dressing or condiment for fish and salads. The light flavour of yuzu complements fish and prawns especially well and takes two minutes to create. Simply stir Yuzu Kosho through a mixture of greek yoghurt and mayonnaise to create a delicious dip that is perfect for salads. Take a look at our Yuzu Prawn Cocktail for more inspiration.

Yuzu kosho for dipping

Yuzu Kosho can be mixed with soy sauce to create an incredibly rich and flavoursome dipping sauce. It can be served with Japanese skewers, alongside canapes or with sushi and sashimi. You can also add a tablespoon of this mixture to soup or ramen for an added kick. It’s so easy to make and its authentic taste will be sure to wow guests at a dinner party.

What yuzu kosho can I buy?

Yuzu Kosho, 50g

Black Yuzu Kosho, 50g

Use a little bit of this hot, fragrant paste and add to a bowl of rice for added depth. Black Yuzu Kosho uses bamboo charcoal to colour the paste and adds an earthy flavour, however, it still uses the same base of the Japanese yuzu fruits for floral citrus notes & chilli peppers for heat.

Are you ready to start using Yuzu Kosho in your cooking? Get to grips with the Japanese cuisine by exploring our full range of Japanese Food and Ingredients. Plus, for some added insight, why not look at how to create the perfect Japanese Ramen?


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