What's Cooking: You Tell Us!

Some of you have shared what you've cooked with the ingredients and cookware bought from Sous Chef. Every time I see a picture on our Facebook page, Twitter, or receive an email I'm absolutely thrilled. It really makes what we're doing with the store come alive for me. Here's a small taste below. Thank you so much for sharing! Nicola (Founder)

Close to home: Spain and Italy

Pasta-making has been tremendously popular. Gina from 'The Chaotic Cook' used the Imperia pasta maker and pastry wheel to make pasta for the very first time. The Italian genes can't be missed!

The ravioli rolling pin was put to superb use by Susan of 'Susan eats London'. Inspired by an artisan pasta restaurant in San Francisco, she made beetroot pasta blankets with a delectable pureed cauliflower and parsnip filling. After cooking briefly, she tossed the carefully cut squares with a little melted butter with lemon juice.

One of the first to send a picture in was James @james_bunker, who kicked things off with a photograph of a huge and warming chicken paella.

From the Far East

Kimchi has been all the rage! Jennie from the blog 'Things I Eat' is a great kimchi enthusiast, and rustled up a jar or two herself using some anchovy sauce and red pepper powder. In contrast to the recipe on the this site, she also used a little glutinous rice flour in the recipe. Apparently it adds an additional "pfffffft" (if you make it you'll understand!).

Fran set Twitter alight with her post on Bibimbap - so much so that we've sold out of dolsot stone bowls, though are hoping to get some more in very soon. It just is such a great dish - thank you Fran!

Ilhaam Manan had been making sushi professionally for some time, so I was thrilled when she sent across a picture of her perfect sushi rolls on our turquoise glazed platter.

Sweet treats Jennie from 'Things I Eat' also made beautiful raspberry lollies.

Andrea from the blog 'Peanut Buttered', sent us a tweet out of the blue, with this beautiful Lemon and Lavender tart. The tart was flavoured using lemon zest, a little lavender essential oil, and some dried lavender flowers.

And finally, they're not really 'sweet'. But aren't they cute! Fran's boiled egg mould rabbit and bear.


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