The Buyer's Guide to Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are a fantastic way to serve Japanese meals, both at home and on-the-go. Read our buyer’s guide to discover the different types of bento boxes, and which bento boxes are the best to buy.

What are bento boxes?

A bento is a single-portion Japanese packed meal that’s ready to eat. Bento boxes are neat, flat or stacked boxes complete with individual compartments which can be filled with anything from gyoza to plain rice to sushi rolls.

What are the different types of bento boxes?

Our range of bento boxes includes three different styles:

What are the best bento boxes to buy?

Gold Samurai Bento Box Large, 1200ml

The large gold samurai bento box is a fun and practical way to take packed lunches to school or work. The two large compartments with a bowl make this box ideal for larger lunches, with an elastic band to hold all the sections in place.

Wood Tone Double Layer Bento Box, 900ml

This sleek two-tiered bento box has a simple design that is both elegant and practical. Made from wappa varnished wood, the two tiers are perfect for keeping dishes separate. It contains an inner lid to keep food in place. A secure band holds it together so it is ideal for on the go.

White Sakura Bento Box, 600ml

A beautiful way to transport your lunch, this bento box is decorated with Japanese Sakura cherry blossom on a wooden-effect background. It contains a small insert to separate the box in two, and comes with a matching band to keep the box secure. Ideal for single meal! 

Totoro Round Bento Box, 500ml

The Totoro round bento box combines this beloved Japanese character with an iconic Japanese meal! Illustrated with Totoro's face in a simple cartoon style, this two-tiered bento box will delight both children and adults alike.

White Manekineko Bento Box, 640ml

This bento features a traditional Japanese ‘lucky cat’ design on a three-tier box. Use the middle and bottom sections for rice, vegetables or sandwiches. Tuck a sachet of instant miso soup in the bowl on top for warming soup when you get to work.

Classic Bento Box - 5 Compartment Oblong

This bento box is designed to resemble traditional Japanese lacquered wood. The outside of the box is black with a wood-grain texture, while the interior is a glossy red. Use this classic oblong bento box with five compartments to serve a Japanese meal, be it breakfast or dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a great bento box?

An authentic bento box consists of multiple compartments to be filled with individual dishes that come together to create a full meal. For carrying lunches to work, the best bento boxes are stackable, with an elastic band to keep everything in place. For serving meals at home or in restaurants, a flat bento box is the best type to use.

Are bento boxes microwave safe?

Not all bento boxes are built the same, so it’s best to check the individual product page before popping your bento box in the microwave! Our Manekineko, Samurai and Geisha range of bento boxes are microwave safe without the inner lid.

Shop all bento boxes, and try our best bento box lunch ideas here.


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