Fathers Day gift guide

Plan ahead this Father's Day and get the perfect gift your dad deserves. No more socks or chocolates, these 10 gifts are completely unique and sure to make a father's day! With gifts for every budget you have a wealth to choose from - ready for 19th June 2022.

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Small Father's Day Gifts under £10

Round Cane Banneton

This round cane banneton is the ideal gift for the dad who loves to bake bread and essential for creating beautiful artisan-style loaves at home. The canes mark the dough with concentric ridges which helps add even more crunch to the golden, crackly crust.

Pommery Wholegrain Mustard - Moutarde de Meaux

Help Dad to level up his lunch game with a jar of Pommery wholegrain mustard. Well-balanced with a rich, nutty flavour, it’s the perfect partner for a grilled cheese sandwich - get spreading!

Viking Smoked Salt, £4.99, souschef.co.uk

Once you try this salt you’ll want to sprinkle it on every dish you make! It’s particularly good on grilled meat, fish and vegetables – so a unique and useful gift for any dad who loves to barbecue. Smoky, slightly sweet and deeply savoury, this salt is a real secret weapon in the kitchen, lifting ordinary recipes to another level. 

Father's Day Gifts under £50

Skeppshult Cast Iron Pepper & Spice Grinder Bowl

Skeppshult Swedish Foundry has been making exceptional cast iron kitchenware since 1906. This grinder will crush even the hardest whole spices such as cloves, allspice berries and fenugreek with ease perfect for the dad who likes to create their own signature spice blends for rubs or curries. 

Perfect for the dad who loves high-quality ingredients - this duo contains two different balsamic vinegars of Modena. Both equally unique in their own right, one has been aged for 8 years which has a peppery flavour and one for 12 years which is slightly sweeter with flavours of fruit and vanilla. Plus it comes in a wooden box, perfect for wrapping and gifting!

Abstract Enamel Mussel Pot

This is the perfect gift for mussel-obsessed fathers. Made from vibrant enamelware it can be used on both the hob and in the oven. Use it to steam your mussels in cider, wine wine or even ale, then take of the handy lid to store the shells whilst eating.

Father's Day Gifts over £50

Camerons Stovetop Smoker, 28cm x 43cm

The perfect gift for the creative cook. Smoking food is one of the biggest trends of the last year, and the Camerons stovetop smoker is great for infusing smoky flavours meat, fish and vegetables indoors in minutes. Perfect for a unique father's day gift. 

If your dad grows his own veg but always ends up with too much to know what to do with it - this is the perfect gift for him! Use any leftover vegetables to make your own pickles. Think sauerkraut, kimchi, gherkins and pickled radishes. This fermenting crock comes with two stones to press the vegetables into the brine whilst the fermentation takes place.


Father's Day Gifts over £100

Dutchdeluxes Leather BBQ Apron in Vintage Brown

For stylish fathers who love nothing more than grilling on the barbecue, this beautifully handmade leather apron will keep clothes safe from ash, fat and  sparks. Over time, the leather will soften and develop a patina, so  the more he  wears it, the better it will look! Dutchdeluxes is a  couple-owned business founded in 2013 as a celebration of traditional artisanal stitching methods and natural materials - along with a  serious passion for style. He will want to wear it everywhere! 


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