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If you’re stuck for Christmas present inspiration, then why not see what some of your favourite magazines have recommended from Sous Chef as the perfect gift.

The Observer Food Monthly took some cleverly-styled photographs of our lobster cracker for their Christmas food and gift guide under £10. Balancing on its tip, the the claw-like cracker looks even more elegant than ever, making it a great present for lobster-lovers eager to crack into lobster claws and reach the soft flesh inside.


Our Geisha bento box (£19) was also in The Observer Food Monthly gift guide. This incredibly sweet lunch box splits into three sections. The top, ‘hat’ section is an inverted bowl, the second level has a hermetic seal for transporting liquids, and the bottom level makes a great container for rice, bread, salads or sushi. The different sections encourage balanced and varied lunches – a serious step up from a standard sandwich.

Not only did the The Observer Food Monthly pick out our Mexican chilli selection (£10.50) as a great gift, but Shortlist also included it in their stocking filler section, describing it as the perfect gift “for anyone wanting to dabble with chillies, but not sure which intensity to try.” Ranging from the milder cascabel to the hotter habanero, the chilli selection will go down a treat with cooks craving new flavours and looking to experiment with varied heat.


Shortlist magazine also featured out our Japanese ramen bowl set (£39.50) in the 'wise buys' in their mid-range Christmas gift guide. Ramen is a great meal to snuggle up with on long, winter evenings – as well as being wonderfully cheap to make. The set comes with two traditional bowls and ladles, as well as four packets of ramen noodles and a recipe card to get you started.

Susan Low, deputy editor at Delicious magazine, featured our  kimchi making kit (£14.50) in her Christmas gift guide, saying that “the hot-sour-crunchy cabbage condiment served with Korean meals is ridiculously easy to make – especially with this clever kit. You’ll be in chilli heaven.” We couldn’t agree more. With two Le Parfait jars, red pepper powder and anchovy sauce, there is enough to make several batches and keep you in kimchi for the year ahead.

BBC Good Food listed our world salt selection (£21.50) in their list of Best Buys under £25. The five packets are a great way to experience the different textures, colours and tastes of salts around the world – from Hawaiian black lava sea salt, flavoured by active charcoal, to quality French fleur de sel de Carmargue, this worldwide selection is a stark reminder how much more there is out there than an average table salt.

Lots of magazines have also been featuring the thermapen (£57.50) as a must-have kitchen gadget. Around turkey-time-of-year, an accurate thermometer is a great piece of equipment. And, as delicious magazine pointed out below, “a meat thermometer’s not just for Christmas – it’s great for taking the guesswork (and stress) out of roasting other types of poultry, as well as pork, beef or lamb”. It's also great for measuring the exact temperature sugar syrups, tempered chocolate and oil for deep-frying.

At Sous Chef we spent ages looking for a high quality, reliable, thermometer before deciding on Thermapen. We agree with the general consensus that it's miles ahead of others we've looked at, and is the only thermometer we've come across with consistent rave reviews . Sous Chef stocks the thermapen in red, pink, green and grey – a great gift for cooks looking to step things up a notch in the kitchen.


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