Our 3 Favourite Pumpkin Recipes

What can you make with pumpkin?

Not just for Halloween, pumpkins and squashes are incredibly versatile. You can roast them, stuff them, make them into soup puree, use for buttery mash and bake in a gratin. Here are 5 imaginative ways to use pumpkin:

What flavours go well with pumpkin

The gentle sweetness of pumpkin means it’s a fantastic partner for spices and herbs. Try nutmeg, cinnamon, smoky paprika, pepper and star anise for starters. It’s also a good match with nuts, soft cheese, and strong flavoured herbs such as sage and rosemary.

Can you eat raw pumpkin as a snack?

It is possible to eat raw pumpkin, although we would recommend cooking it for the best flavour and texture. Raw pumpkin can be grated, and eaten as part of a slaw with carrots, cabbage and punchy radishes. You can also thinly slice pumpkin into discs (like a cucumber) and use to dip into houmous or guacamole.

Why are pumpkins popular around Halloween?

Halloween is the time of year when everyone goes crazy for pumpkins. Whilst pumpkins are popular around Halloween in the UK, pumpkin fever has its home in the US with everything from the classic pumpkin pie to pumpkin muffins and pumpkin spiced lattes. You name it they're pumpkin-ing-it! With this in mind we've put together our three favourite pumpkin recipes. They're all made with Libby's pumpkin puree so there's none of that tiresome chopping involved. Although if you do have some spare pumpkin to hand, you can make the puree yourself by following the tips in this recipe for pumpkin ice-cream.

1) Crustless Pumpkin Pie

A version on a classic, this is a quick and easy alternative to the classic American pumpkin pie. Crustless pumpkin pie takes the stress out of pastry making. Replacing pastry with amaretti biscuits adds a lovely almond flavour and ensures there’s not a soggy bottom in sight. This crustless pumpkin pie recipe uses just three base ingredients – Libby’s pumpkin purée, amaretti biscuits and double cream – to create 5 stunning and contrasting layers. View recipe -->

2) Pumpkin Macarons

Pumpkin puree makes a great filling for macarons. In this recipe we've sweetened it slightly and flavoured it with ground cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Adding a sprinkling of chopped walnuts in the middle of the macarons adds texutre and a lovely nuttiness. Pipe it inside black macaron shells for a stunning, ghoulish Halloween treat. View Recipe -->

3) Pumpkin & Amaretti Ravioli

We've found pumpkin puree is a hassle-free shortcut for savoury recipes too. It makes a quick and easy filling for ravioli as it is easily spreadable over a sheet of pasta. We then covered the puree with another sheet of pasta and used a ravioli rolling pin to quickly roll out the indiviual ravioli. Pumpkin and amaretti is a classic Italian combination, and a perfect Autumn or Winter dish. The flavours in the filling are slightly sweet, but the strong savoury notes from the parmesan and sage create balance. View Recipe -->


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