Microplane: The Graters of Choice

Microplane’s story begins in Canada in 1994. A housewife was frustrated that her kitchen graters were not up to the task of zesting an orange – instead of neatly removing the zest they would tear, catch and stick.

In a flash of inspiration, she took a woodworking tool from her husband’s workshop. The super-sharp blades effortlessly shaved the orange zest, and the idea for Microplane was born. Microplanes are now the graters of choice for professional chefs and home cooks all over the world.

All the graters and zesters have a lifetime sharpness guarantee

Premium Microplane Zester

Zest lemons, grate nutmeg or create clouds of parmesan

Microplane Gourmet Fine Grater

Microplane's classic in wide format

Microplane Gourmet Coarse Grater

For tough roots like ginger and horseradish

Microplane Gourmet Large Shaver Grater

Create eye-catching garnishes of thin sliced truffle or parmesan

Microplane Gourmet Ribbon Grater

Get wafer-thin curls of chocolate for decorating desserts, ice cream or hot drinks

Microplane Gourmet Star Blade Grater

For a fine ‘snow’ touch on your food

Your Grater Accessories

Microplane Slider Attachment

Keeps fingers clear of sharp blades

Microplane Grater Glove

Made from a cut resistant material

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