Cook's Science - The Suprising Science Behind 50 of Our Favourite Ingredients and How

Cook's Science - The Suprising Science Behind 50 of Our Favourite Ingredients and How


In Cook's Science, the all-new companion to the New York Times-bestselling The Science of Good Cooking, America's Test Kitchen deep dives into the surprising science behind 50 of our favorite ingredients--and uses that science to make them taste their best. 
From the editors of Cook's Illustrated, and the best-selling The Science of Good Cooking, comes an all-new companion book highlighting 50 of our favorite ingredients and the (sometimes surprising) science behind them: Cook's Science. Each chapter explains the science behind one of the 50 ingredients in a short, informative essay--topics ranging from pork shoulder to apples to quinoa to dark chocolate - - before moving on to an original (and sometimes quirky) experiment, performed in our test kitchen and designed to show how the science works. The book includes 50 dynamic, full-page color illustrations, giving in-depth looks at individual ingredients, "family trees" of ingredients, and cooking techniques like sousvide, dehydrating, and fermentation. The 400+ fool proof recipes included take the science into the kitchen, and range from crispy fried chicken wings to meaty - tasting vegetarian chili, coconut layer cake to strawberry rhubarb pie.

  • Author: Guy Crosby & The Editors at Cook's Illustrated

  • Publisher: American Test Kitchen

  • Format: Hardback

  • Year published: 2016

  • Difficulty: Approachable

  • Photography: Richly Illustrated

  • SKU: OT0188

  • Categories: All Cookbooks Cooking Theory Modernist and Molecular


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