Pasta Di Aldo Cuttlefish Ink Chitarrine Egg Pasta


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Origin: Italy
SKU: AD0006
Size: 250g
Cuisine: Italy
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months


Use Pasta di Aldo cuttlefish ink chitarrine egg pasta to make a stunning seafood pasta dish. The cuttlefish ink lends a subtle ‘ocean’ flavour to the pasta, which pairs wonderfully with scallops, prawns and crab. The black colour of the pasta makes a striking contrast to white fish and seafood.

The name ‘chitarrine’ refers to the tool used to cut the pasta. Called a ‘chitarra’, or ‘guitar’, the pasta dough is pressed over a series of parallel wires to cut it into thin ribbons. The wires are then strummed like a guitar to release the pasta.

Pasta di Aldo pasta is often heralded as the best pasta in the world. Whether you are reading Italy’s top food organization the Gambero Rosso, or Heston Blumenthal; or even enjoying it served at three Michelin Star restaurant Da Vittorio, outside Milan, you’ll hear consistent rave reviews.

La Pasta di Aldo hand make egg pasta in the medieval east Italian town of Monte San Giusto. The pasta dough is kneaded by hand, then rolled and cut. The strands of pasta are then hung to slowly air dry, just the way owners Luigi Donnari’s and wife Maria Alzapiedi’s grandmothers would have done!

Awards and Accolades

“Italy’s Best Pasta”, The Gambero Rosso
The Gambero Rosso – perhaps the most important food organisation in Italy – voted La Pasta di Aldo as Italy’s best pasta. “1st place. Aristocratic egg pasta, for large soirées, in which craftsmanship meets perfection and refinement ... Wonderful, sweet, full yet delicate taste, with great balance and acidity… There are beautiful artisan companies that in some cases can also boast an exemplary quality-price ratio.”

From Heston Blumenthal’s In Search of Perfection
"La Pasta Di Aldo … captured the opposites that characterise great pasta - good body, but with a lightness; a rich flavour that doesn’t overpower; substance twinned with a delicacy - and the colour was fantastic: a vivid yolk-yellow that signalled a high egg content and the use of durum wheat semolina, the hard flour that is vital to good pasta. It was clear that my next trip to Italy would have to include a visit to Monte San Giusto to see if Luigi Donnari would let me in on how he created it."


The cuttelfish ink chitarrine egg pasta cooks in boiling water in 4-6 minutes.

Because of the richness of the egg pasta a 250g box is plenty for 4 people. If you are only using half the box, don't worry - it's easy to reseal! Just pull out the cardboard inner from underneath the pasta to use as a lid.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, eggs (32%), cuttlefish ink (water, salt) (2%). Contains allergens: gluten (wheat), egg, molluscs.

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