Pestle and Mortar



Pestle and Mortar

Are you looking for a way to grind spices that is both simple and effective? Look no further than the classic pestle and mortar. This timeless combination has been used for centuries to make delicious curries, masalas, and much more. The pestle and mortar provide a great way to grind whole spices into powder form, allowing you to create perfect flavour combinations for your cooking. 

What is a pestle and mortar?

A pestle and mortar is a kitchen tool that has been used for centuries to grind spices, herbs, nuts, and other solid ingredients. The traditional design consists of two parts – the pestle, which is a heavy club-shaped object, and the mortar, which is a bowl.

The pestle is used to grind down ingredients by pressing them into the mortar. The user holds the pestle with one hand and strikes it against the mortar in a circular motion to grind down ingredients. This method helps to bring out the flavours and aromas of spices, herbs, and other food ingredients.

The benefits of using a pestle and mortar

The action of grinding the ingredients between the pestle and the mortar breaks down the fibres of the spices and releases their essential oils, giving your dishes more flavour and depth.

Using a pestle and mortar offers many benefits that you just can’t get from a traditional food processor or electric spice grinder. It allows you to control the texture of your spices, so you can make them as coarse or fine as you like. It also allows you to achieve a uniform grind, so all the spices will cook evenly in your dish. And the pestle and mortar are incredibly durable tools that will last for generations.