Japanese Bowls



Japanese Bowls

Between ramen, miso soup, rice, matcha and donburi, if you like Japanese food, you’ll want a variety of Japanese bowls to serve it in. Luckily Japanese ceramics are as varied and sophisticated as Japanese cuisine. Japanese rice bowls, Japanese ramen bowls and Japanese tea bowls are all created specifically to serve and showcase the respective food or drink that they’re designed to contain.

Japanese ceramics are often decorated with designs drawn from nature, such as cherry blossoms or maple leaves. Geometric designs and patterns that highlight the natural shapes of the ceramic are also popular.

Japanese rice bowls, or "donburi," are a staple of the cuisine. They are characterised by their shallow, wide design, perfect for presenting a generous portion of rice topped with various ingredients like meat, vegetables, or seafood. Soup bowls, or "wan," typically have a deeper structure, ideal for serving hot soups like miso or noodle-based dishes like ramen and udon.