Egg Pasta

Egg pasta is a particular speciality of North Italy. Even when dried, egg pasta is richer in flavour and tends to have a silkier, more tender texture than pasta made with water.

Discover egg pasta as you've never had it before, from Italian artisans La Pasta di Aldo. Described by Heston Blumenthal as 'the finest pasta in Italy', it is the pasta of choice for Michelin-star chefs. The pasta is handmade in the idyllic Italian town of Monte San Giusto using local durum wheat. Creators Maria Alzapiedi and Luigi Donnari spent night after night searching for the perfect balance of flour, eggs and drying time to bring you this award-winning pasta.

With La Pasta di Aldo you can have perfect pasta in as little as 4 minutes - ideal for bringing a gourmet touch to weeknight meals.

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