Cookie & Pastry Cutters

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Cookie & Pastry Cutters

A cookie cutter is never just a cookie cutter. It is gingerbread man iced by tiny sticky hands. It is the pfeffernüsse reindeer cookie hanging on the tree. It is the heart-shaped chocolate shortbread eaten between kisses on Valentine’s Day. 

A cookie cutter is the beginning of a treasured memory!

Which cookie cutter is best?

Our range of cookie cutters and pastry cutters can serve any occasion. Our festive shapes will have all your Christmas baking needs wrapped up - not to mention birthdays and afternoon teas and Easter bunnies and baby shower teddies. 

A set of round cutters is ideal for everything from homemade scones and custard tarts to jammie dodgers and even ravioli. 

So, dust off those weighing scales and tie up those apron strings, it’s time to make some memories.