Cake Tins



Cake Tins

Are you looking for the perfect cake? It all starts with the right cake tin! Whether you are a novice baker or a seasoned professional, understanding the different types of cake tins and their uses will help you make the perfect cake every time. 

What is the best cake tin for baking?

The right cake tin can make all the difference in how your cake turns out. From shape to size and material to coating, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right cake tin. 

The type of cake you’re baking will dictate what kind of cake tin you should use. 

  • if you’re baking a sponge cake, then a shallow cake tin with straight sides is ideal. 
  • if you’re baking a rich fruit cake then a deep cake tin with straight sides is best.

What are the different types of cake tins? 

When it comes to material, there are two main options – metal or silicone. 

  • Metal tins provide a firm base which helps to keep the shape of the cake
  • Silicone tins are flexible and non-stick, so they’re perfect for complex cakes and tarts. 
  • Non-stick tins are ideal for cakes with sticky ingredients, like banana bread or sticky toffee pudding. The non-stick coating will ensure your cake pops out perfectly every time!

If you’re using a metal cake tin, then make sure it is coated with a non-stick coating. This will help prevent your cakes from sticking and make them easier to remove from the tin. Finally, when using any cake tin, always grease and flour it first to ensure your cakes come out perfectly. 

What shape cake tin should I use?

  • Round cake tins are great for classic cakes like Victoria sponges and lemon drizzle cakes. These tins usually have a loose base that helps you remove your cake easily when it’s done.
  • Square and rectangular cake tins are perfect for layer cakes like carrot cake and red velvet. These tins often come with removable sides, so you can get perfect slices without any mess. 
Specialty tins are perfect for intricate creations like Bundt cakes, cheesecakes, and petit fours.