Alcohol Gifts



Alcohol Gifts

Find the best alcohol gifts at Sous Chef. What sound is more synonymous with celebration than the pop of a champagne cork? For good or ill, alcohol is entwined with celebration across the world. So, of course, is gift giving: so what could be more celebratory than alcohol gifts?

Giving alcohol as a gift is a chance for the giver and recipient to have something familiar and even comforting – a favourite spirit, say – or to try something new. 

It can allow the receiver of the gift to indulge in a drink that would normally be beyond their price range: a vintage champagne, a malt whisky, a rare sake or rum.

Alcohol gift sets are also a thing to please the eye as well as the palate. 

The packaging – both the box and the bottle – are often worth having in and of themselves and make an attractive decoration long after the contents have been consumed. Cheers!