The Best Father's Day Gifts For Foodies 2020

Father’s Day is on the horizon - a well overdue nudge to thank our Dads (or uncles, brothers, granddads or husbands) for being the best hugger, washer-upper and piggy-back-giver around. Father’s Day will be on Sunday 21st June 2020 and if you’re wondering what the best present is to give him, we have a wide and varied selection of gifts that will make all Dads feel the love this year. So step away from the sock gift sets and turn a blind eye to the beard grooming kits. If you want to gift something really special, these unique, unusual and top quality items are sure to make a father’s day!

Indoor and Outdoor Cooking Equipment

ProQ BBQ Pizza Stone Set 40cm dia

Does he fancy himself as a gourmet chef? This Complete Hot and Cold Smoking Set will test his skills and get him started on creating smoked cheeses, fish and meats at home.

Sage by Heston Smoking Gun

This nifty device from Britain’s renowned British chef Heston Blumenthal, allows you to infuse foods with incredible smoky flavours. Use as an alternative to the traditional smoker to provide a touch of drama to the cooking process!

Camerons Gourmet Mini Smoker 7" x 11"

This piece of kit is the perfect introduction to smoking foods and creating gourmet menus in your own kitchen or on the barbecue. Comes with oak and hickory chips to kick start some culinary experiments.

Tabletop BBQ Smoker

Enjoy the fun of a barbecue and the taste sensations of a smoker no matter where you live. This portable and compact tabletop BBQ and smoker can be used on balconies, gardens and any open-air space for an American-style barbecue that will wow your diners.

Food and drink making gifts

The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit 920g

Know a Dad who is partial to the odd cheeseboard? This cheese making kit is a brilliant Father’s Day gift. Containing everything you need to make goat’s cheese, labneh, Scottish Crowdie, mascarpone, feta, queso blanco, mozzarella and paneer, ricotta and halloumi.

Brooklyn Brew Shop BrewDog Punk IPA

The runaway success of these Scottish brewers has made Brewdog Punk IPA a firm favourite amongst craft beer lovers. And now he can create the classic hoppy, tropical taste at home with this incredible home brew kit!

Fermenting Crock Pot - Sauerkraut Crock 5 litre

Kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha – fermented food is very in. Incredibly beneficial for gut health, fermented food also makes great snacks, sides and starters to meals. This fermenting crock pot comes with the stone which presses down on the vegetables while fermentation takes place – a brilliant piece of equipment for the family.

Kitchen Conversation Pieces

Himalayan Salt Plate

If he likes to show off in the kitchen, this salt plate might be the perfect gift. Made completely from Himalayan salt, these plates are used to serve and flavour food. You can heat them to fry fish or seafood or chill them to present and serve ice cream, chocolate and sorbet.

Black Glaze Matcha Bowl Set

Calling all Japanophiles – this gorgeous set provides two integral parts of a Japanese tea ceremony: a stunning handmade tea bowl and a bamboo whisk to make the ultimate cup of matcha tea – the way it’s been made for centuries.

Kami Tea Box - Set of 6

These are tea caddies – Japanese-style. Wrapped in hand-dyed Japanese paper, these boxes are stylish airtight containers for the storage of loose leaf tea. Perfect for tea lovers.

Kitchen Conversation Pieces

Christine Ferber Raspberry Jam 220g

A proper Father’s Day should begin with breakfast in bed – a pot of fresh coffee, some buttered sourdough and a dollop of this exquisite raspberry jam, made from the fruits of Alsace. Add this jam to a bowl of ice cream, on crepes or a dark chocolate pudding for extra Father’s Day points.

Sant'Eustachio Ground Coffee 250g

If you’re treating a coffee lover this Father’s Day, these beans will be a wonderful way to start the day. Sant’Eustachio il Caffè is the go-to coffee shop in Rome, roasting and brewing the finest beans since 1938, so if you want to make a pot of coffee that will make his day, these are the beans to make it with!

Little Leon: Breakfast & Brunch

Be inspired by the Leon breakfast cookbook which has plenty of breakfast and brunch recipes – from Breakfasty Banana Split to Buckwheat Pancakes – and will keep all Dad-tummies happy.

Still looking for the perfect gift? We stock a whole lot more curios, gadgets and gourmet kitchen treats here.


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