Matcha Tea Powder

Matcha green tea comes in many shades, and each shade has its own unique properties and uses. Learn why matcha varies from yellow to green to brown and what the different colours represent.

What colour is real matcha?

Real matcha is bright, vibrant green. But depending on the quality of the leaves and how they were processed, matcha can range in colour from a light, yellow-green to a deep, forest green. The colour of your matcha powder can also be affected by how old it is - older matcha will tend to be more of a yellow-green, while fresher matcha will be more vibrant green.

Why is matcha different colours?

Depending on the region where it's grown, the quality of the leaves, and how it's processed, matcha can range in colour from a light yellow-green to deep emerald green. The colour also varies depending on whether you're looking at ceremonial grade or culinary grade matcha powder. The higher quality of the matcha the brighter green the colour.

The Different Shades of Matcha

Different Grades of MatchaCulinary grade matcha is slightly darker and less vibrant than premium or ceremonial grade matcha. This is because it will be used in cooking or baking so doesn't need to be as high quality. Unlike culinary grade, premium grade matcha can be used for both drinking and cooking because it's slightly higher quality. Then ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality and therefore the most vibrant of the three, and perfect for Japanese tea ceremonies.  

The Different Colours of Matcha

Butterfly Pea Matcha

There are a couple of new colours of 'matcha' tea that have been cropping up in the last couple of years and gaining in popularity. Here we look at two of the most popular new colours;

  1. Blue matcha - Blue matcha is made from butterfly pea flowers and colours drinks from lavender to deep blue. One difference is it is a caffeine-free herbal tea. It has a mildly sweet flavour and floral notes similar to camomile.
  2. Red matcha - red matcha is harder to find and less common. It is normally made with a red floral plant such as rooibos or hibiscus then the leaves or petals are ground into a fine powder.
  3. Pink matcha - pink matcha is an even less common type of matcha tea made from dragon fruit powder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my matcha yellow?

If your matcha powder is yellow, it means that the plant that the tea was made from produced less chlorophyll when it was grown. This means the plant was most likely grown in the sun. Whereas higher quality matcha tea is grown in the shade, which makes the leaves produce more chlorophyll which gives the leaves their characteristic green colour.

Why does matcha turn brown?

This is due to the oxidation process which is perfectly normal. If you want to keep your matcha powder fresh, simply store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.


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