Massimo Bottura: Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef

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Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef is a tribute to Massimo Bottura’s twenty-five year career and the evolution of Osteria Francescana, Italy's most celebrated restaurant boasting three Michelin stars. Bottura is inspired by contemporary art to create innovative dishes that play with Italian culinary traditions. The book features 50 recipes and accompanying texts explaining Bottura’s inspiration, ingredients and techniques throughout his career.

Massimo grew up in Modena and developed an interest in cooking from a young age after watching his mother, grandmother and aunt in the kitchen preparing family meals. In 1986 he left a law degree to open his first restaurant and subsequently went on to develop his love of food with stages for Alain Ducasse at Louis XV in Monte Carlo and Ferran Adriá at elbulli. He opened Osteria Francescana in 1995.

Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef is Massimo Bottura's first book and a fascinating insight into his restaurant Osteria Francescana. The book is packed with playful, inspired recipes such as Tortellini Walking on Broth and Oops! I Dropped the Lemon Tart!


  • Of course not. I’m only a closet-chef and I’m already feeling the effects of trying all my own food :D

    Shane Byrne on

  • A skinny Italian chef? Per niente as they say!

    Would love to have this and experience a different side of Italian food.

    Fran on

  • Having just returned from a few days in Naples I have researched this question extensively and can confidently reply…. Never!

    Matt Leys on

  • Of course not. Doesn’t everyone know? Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef.

    Paul Jones on

  • Of course not! Unless he was also a marathon runner, then I could feasibly get ’round it :)

    Dolce far niente all the way.

    Alan on

  • I would if it was Massimo! A fascinating chef, I would love to see his take on Italian cooking.

    Paul on

  • My favourite Italian chef (and friend) is Giorgio Locatelli, who is certainly not fat, and I would trust his judgement on all things food-related.

    rosemary Perkins on

  • generally not!

    Teresa Palmer on

  • being an Indian, one might ask the same question… i think the Italians win though…how can you resist the delicious pasta-based dishes…not to mention anything carbonara, or Snr. Bottura’s own Pork Medallions with Onion marmalade?

    Dev Anand on

  • With all that delicious cheese and fabulous pasta, I would certainly not be a skinny Italian chef! I would eat pasta and cheese every day if I could!

    Lauren on

  • Not likely. A love of food comes from a love of eating. I would love to read Massimo’s ideas on how this fits with happiness and moderation. Can’t work it out myself!

    Jez Buggie on

  • Not normally

    Mike Martin on

  • I never really understood how ANYONE can stay skinny with all the wonderful food around, even italian chefs!!

    Hazel Collins on

  • NEVER! Any skinny chef in my opinion should not be trusted! They are either not tasting as they go, or not eating the end product – either way its bad news! A good chef will be someone who enjoys food and can pass on the love to the customer and keep us coming back for more. Having said that, I’ve met some Gym bunnies who have Incredible metabolism…so maybe a skinny chef is just a fast moving with meatolism to die for!? Massimo Bottura…you have my vote!

    Dawn Ash-Kashani on

  • that made me smile, my late mother used to say that

    Maja Mcintosh on

  • No chef of any cuisine should ever be skinny. Ever. A skinny chef makes one suspect the quality of the food.

    Afton on

  • Not a chance

    Reg Vandra on

  • A few extra pounds is a great advertisement for their food!!!!! Tasty, full of flavour :)

    Helen Cartwright on

  • Definately, the only overweight Chefs are the ones that have time to eat. The only eating a busy chef does is tasting a dish before plating.

    David Pointon on

  • No way. In my opinion Italians have the best cuisine in the world. I would question if he was eating his own meals

    Precious jason on

  • Well if there was any skinny Italian Chefs the uniform would just hang on them as I’m sure they don’t make small sizes, LOL!!!!

    Richard Sharp on

  • Trust a skinny chef of any description.

    To be fair if it was non food related then that depends on the person in question.

    Food wise welllllllllll if its based on why are they skinny don’t they eat their own food? Then no!

    However they could still eat their own food and be slim if they adopt a healthy lifestyle in general.

    So having weighed up with my critical Virgo mind I guess my answer in context to this instance:


    Janette on

  • Of course not because massimo said not to!

    danny on

  • Yes, I think Massimo is pretty skinny, and I definitely trust him, he’s clearly having a laugh with that title just like he does with his food!!

    Kieran on

  • Never! (and no deliberation needed)

    Maxine on

  • Yes, I would!!

    paula Leworthy on

  • Why would I not? I have known quite a few chiefs to be skinny (not unhealthy skinny) and there food tasted fantastic. Just because the chief is Italian does that mean they are naturally uneducated in nutrition?? I would trust a Italian Chief!!!

    Evelyn Richardson on

  • I would’t trust them to stick to the norm, but Massimo is the master of turning tradition on its head!

    John Harding on

  • Never!

    Marion on

  • Nonsense, there are no overweight Italians!

    Petteri on

  • Many thanks for your amusing and creative entries. Congratulations to Dawn who is our winner!

    Jessica on

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