Best Easter Eggs: A Buyer's Guide

Which Easter Egg shall I buy?

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose which Easter eggs to buy. We've put together this helpful guide to the best Easter eggs at Sous Chef for 2024.

Choose between traditional chocolate eggs, luxury filled eggs, alternatives Easter eggs - or even DIY Easter eggs.

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Luxury Easter eggs

Find something extraordinary, in our selection of luxury Easter eggs from one of Belgium’s finest chocolatiers, Denmark’s best-loved liquorice producer, and beautiful handcrafted chocolates from Tuscany.

Neuhaus Easter eggs

Neuhaus Easter Eggs

Neuhaus Chocolates is one of the finest chocolate houses in Belgium – and perhaps the world. The silky smooth chocolate is beautifully delicate and has a wonderful snap, all blended with exquisite ingredients, carefully sourced for the very best flavour. The iconic chocolatiers are also heralded as the inventors of Belgian filled pralines. Neuhaus uses 100% sustainably sourced cacao for their chocolates as well as investing in their own cacao plantation in Ecuador. Any ingredients that are added to the chocolates, be it nuts, fruit or coffee, are 100% natural.

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Alternative Easter eggs

Make Your Own Easter Eggs

Do something a little bit different, and make your own Easter eggs. Either give the sets as a gift, or buy one for yourself to enjoy a fun kitchen project. All made with the finest quality chocolate couverture, the added satisfaction of making your own, makes these eggs doubly enjoyable!

Sous Chef Make Your Own Easter Eggs Kit

Fun for all ages! Making your own chocolate Easter egg is a great kitchen project. Find everything you need in this DIY Easter egg kit. Decorate your eggs with swirls of chocolate, or dust with edible glitter. Then fill with fine Italian chocolate and hazelnut gianduja paste.

Lakrids of Denmark

Lakrids Easter Eggs

Lakrids liquorice is made by one of the finest liquorice producers in Denmark, the home of liquorice. Their signature Easter eggs come in stylish ‘egg’ capsules and are filled with bite-sized liquorice, coated in extraordinarily good flavours.

Lakrids Crispy Caramel Chocolate Coated Liquorice 125g

Each piece of crispy caramel liquorice is enrobed with salted dulce de leche caramel chocolate and encased in a crisp sugar shell. It’s a luxurious alternative to Easter eggs, and makes a special gift.

Lakrids Crunchy Toffee Chocolate Coated Liquorice 125g

A layer of toffee and creamy milk chocolate encases each piece of punchy liquorice. A few flecks of sea salt balance the sweet caramel. While the toffee is reminiscent of childhood candy, the lingering liquorice turns this into a treat for grown ups.

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Great Easter Eggs for Gifts

Cocoba Milk Chocolate Candy Coated Mini Easter Egg, 40g

The miniature Easter egg features a double whammy of chocolate, with a Belgian milk chocolate shell and a white chocolate centre. Multi-coloured chocolates stud the shell, giving this Easter egg a fun design. Cocoba’s mini Easter egg will be a hit with adults and children.

Cocoba Milk Chocolate Drizzled Easter Egg with Candy Beans, 250g

A fun egg for the whole family to crack into. Made with Belgian milk chocolate, this egg has a creamy taste and great snap. The hollow chocolate egg is drizzled with chocolate, then decorated with bright candy beans. The rainbow design makes this an egg that’ll wow the chocolate lovers in your life.

Dairy-Free and Vegan Easter eggs

Alternative Vegan Easter eggs

Salted Caramel Oat Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, 150g

Made with 41% single-origin Colombian cocoa, this vegan-friendly egg gets a creamy texture and nutty taste from oat powder. The salt-flecked caramel cuts through the sweetness of the chocolate. The hollow milk chocolate egg features a simple swirl finish on the shell.

Salty Pretzel Oat Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, 150g

Creamy, crunchy, sweet and salty. Made with 41% single-origin Colombian cocoa, this vegan-friendly egg gets a creamy texture and nutty taste from oat powder, with pretzels bringing a gentle crunch. The hollow chocolate egg features a simple swirl finish on the shell.

Booja Booja Honeycomb Caramel Small Easter Egg, 34g

Contains three decadent truffles, presented in an ornate wooden egg. The vegan and dairy-free ganache truffles have a dusting of cocoa powder, a meltingly soft centre and gentle honeycomb crunch. The truffles are also gluten and soya-free. This egg makes for a beautiful gift for chocolate lovers, or a treat for yourself.

Booja Booja Fine De Champagne Large Easter Egg 138g

Booja Booja’s Fine de Champagne large Easter egg is a beautiful selection of dairy-free chocolate truffles made with organic French Fine de Champagne. Fine de Champagne is a cognac blend from the cru growing regions of French. It is produced from eau-de-vies from two crus - Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. 

Each large wooden egg contains 12 melt-in-your-mouth ganache truffles with a cocoa powder dusting. The chocolate truffles are vegan, gluten and dairy-free.

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