Father's Day Gifts For Chefs

Father's Day is just around the corner and we all know how tricky finding the right gift can be. But with everything from beautifully crafted leather aprons to incredibly fun and exciting smoking guns, our Father's Day gift selection for chefs has you covered.

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Boleslawiec Fermenting & Sauerkraut Crock With Weights, 5 litre

Green-fingered fathers with a glut of homegrown veg will love using one of these to make their own pickles. Sauerkraut and gherkins are the most popular, but cauliflowers, carrots, radishes and onions will pickle away happily, too.

Lagoa Large Handmade Salad Bowl

The interplay of deep blue-green and sandy glaze seems to shift in the light and captures all the colours of a coastal landscape – tree-covered cliffs, sandy beaches and multi-hued ocean. This bowl is so large it will show off your family's weekly fruit shop on the kitchen counter.

Sage Smoking Gun

If James Bond was a chef, he'd have one of these. This nifty gadget infuses food and drinks with unique smoky flavours in a matter of minutes. Use with a glass cloche for exciting tableside theatre!

The fun of a barbecue and hot smoking no matter how small your outdoor space. It's portable, too, so it's great for BBQs on the beach and family camping trips.

Japanese Ramen Bowl Set

This is the shortcut to ramen mastery! A full-colour recipe booklet breaks down this iconic dish into its constituent parts, so it's easy to mix-and-match them to create the perfect bowl of ramen. Serve in one of these authentic Japanese bowls for sheer noodle-slurping bliss. 

One is pale gold with hints of almond, the other bursts with the taste of olives. These extra-special olive oils from Provence are sure to elevate every summer salad.

Pure Sicilian Pistachio Paste, 180g

Sicily's 'green gold' in spoonable, spreadable glory. For the most indulgent Father's Day breakfast, spread thickly over toast or croissants and serve with a strong Italian coffee. Or use it to make his favourite pistachio ice cream for a real treat.

Dolsot Stone Bowl

Traditional stone bowl used for the Korean rice dish, bibimbap, or for jjigae stews. Sturdy, and rather beautiful in their simplicity, dolsots are ideal for any dish that you want still sizzling when it hits the table.

Dutchdeluxes Leather BBQ Apron in Vintage Brown

For stylish fathers who love nothing more than grilling over a barbecue. His clothes will be safe from ash, fat & sparks in this beautiful handmade leather apron.


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