10 Ingredients to Discover This Spring

You’ll find lots of new arrivals on the website every week, from beer brewing kits to large catering size herbs & spices. Here are some of the more unusual ingredients you’ll want to try this spring.

Greenfields Harissa Spice

This huge tub of the North-African inspired spice blend will last you all summer. Mix with salt and sugar for a punchy BBQ rub, or blend with olive oil and garlic to marinate fish.  

Yuzu Flavour Foam

Add the wow-factor to your fish dishes and desserts with this fabulous tasting modernist foam.

Fukuju Yuzu Sake

A refreshing chilled Japanese aperitif with a hint of bitter-sweetness - perfect on a spring day! 

Sicilian Caponata

Spread on crostini for an instant canapé, scoop onto hot crusty bread, or just eat straight from the jar.

Agusti Torello Mata White Balsamic Vinegar

A great accompaniment to any Mediterranean dish, add a dash to liven braised leeks, or even drizzle over fresh strawberries.

Urfa Pepper - Isot Biber

This lightly smoky chilli is a Turkish favourite. Sprinkle over salads and roast fish - or spice up a lahmacun flat bread.

Funkin Coconut Puree

Pop open the tropical lime-infused coconut purée for the quickest piña colada. Or make into an incredible ice cream. In the office we've been eating it straight from the pouch!

Ortiz Anchovies

These are hands down the best anchovies. Don't waste them hidden in stews - instead lay over a tomato salad or scrambled eggs. Or simply enjoy on a slice of fried bread.

Make a classic octopus salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and chilli - or simply toss through pasta!

Malle w. Trousseau Cast Iron Spice Grinder

Everyone knows freshly ground spices taste better. And with this heavyweight classic from Malle W. Trousseau, you'll want to grind your own spices for every meal.

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