Cricket Protein Powder Flour


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Size: 100g
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months


Eat Grub cricket powder is an easy way to introduce edible insects into your diet. Simply sprinkle the cricket flour over breakfast cereals for a hint of nuttiness, or blend into milkshakes and smoothies for a protein boost.

Cricket powder is also a versatile baking ingredient. Use 1 part cricket powder to 3 parts regular or self-raising flour in your recipes. Cricket bread anyone?

Edible insects are widely considered to be the food of the future. As a percentage of their bodyweight, insects contain more protein than any other food source. As the global population continues to grow and modern-day farming methods take their toll on the environment, farming edible insects is rapidly taking centre stage as the most sustainable method of making sure everyone has access to the nutrients they need. Eat Grub are doing their part to bring the future of sustainable food to the UK – now.

Ingredients: crickets (100%). Contains gluten. Shellfish allergy sufferers may also be allergic to insects.

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