Tea Sets



Tea Sets

Think of a tea set, and you may be transported to your granny’s bungalow and a chintzy bone-china tea pot set, or a child’s Peter Rabbit tea set, chipped after too many dollies’ tea parties. 

More sophisticated, though, if less redolent of childhood, are Japanese tea sets; exquisite and symbolic representations of Japan's cultural heritage and appreciation for the art of tea. 

Designed to enhance the tea-drinking experience and embody the principles of simplicity, harmony, and tranquillity associated with the Japanese tea ceremony.

The design of these sets often features elegant and minimalist patterns, traditional motifs like cherry blossoms or bamboo, or elegant geometric designs. 

The tea ceremony emphasises the ritualistic preparation and presentation of tea, and every element of the tea set plays a role in creating a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

Japanese tea sets are not merely functional objects but also pieces of art that encapsulate centuries of tradition and cultural significance.

Owning and using one allows individuals to partake in a centuries-old practice that celebrates mindfulness and the beauty of the moment.