Springerle and speculaas are both traditional European biscuits, particularly famous around Christmas time in Germany and the Netherlands. Both are spiced in some way, and both are usually found with intricate designs of people, animals and flowers embossed on the surface. But do you know your springerle from your speculaas?

Find out where springerle and speculaas come from and the difference between them here.

Recipes to Try

  • Traditional German Springerle Recipe

    Traditional German Springerle Recipe

    • Overnight with 30 minutes cooking

    • Intermediate

  • Springerle biscuit roller

    Do You Know Your Springerle From Your Speculaas?

  • Matcha Green Tea & Chocolate Cookies Recipe

    Matcha Green Tea & Chocolate Cookies Recipe

    • Under 2 hours

    • Intermediate