Broad Beans & Fava Beans



Broad Beans & Fava Beans

Perfect for homemade hummus, bean salads, and falafels and a delicious source of plant protein and fibre, dried and tinned fava beans are the kitchen staple your cupboards are crying out for.

Broad beans are called fava beans in the US, but they are distinct varieties in the UK. Although closely related, broad beans are larger and flatter and usually picked and eaten fresh in late spring.

The smaller fava beans are left to mature and dry on the plant before harvesting in autumn. 
Whole dried fava beans must be pre-soaked overnight. They have a nutty flavour and extra texture from their skins being left on.

You can get the same results faster with tinned fava beans uk: perfect for nourishing stews and fragrant
Egyptian ful medames – a delicious middle eastern breakfast dish. You can remove the skins after cooking if you prefer, but they add a wonderful nutty flavour, extra texture and fibre if left on.

Split dried fava beans do not need pre-soaking, making them a handy go-to for nutritious soups and dals. Roasted fava beans are protein-rich and ideal for livening up snack time.

With a wide selection of beans suitable for hummus, salads, and various dishes, our dried and tinned fava beans are the versatile kitchen staple you need. From broad beans to smaller fava beans, we've got you covered, we offer a delightful range of flavours and textures to enhance your culinary creations.