Best Sustainable Gifts for Food Lovers 2024

This year, give a gift that also casts a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. Our round-up of sustainable and eco gifts include stunning artisan pieces made in small batches, recycled materials, low-carbon production, and locally-made items that support rural communities.

Find a beautiful gift, that also has a positive impact on planet, in Sous Chef's selection of sustainable gifts for food lovers, 2024!

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Biodegradable Tree Decorations

With hundred of playful festive characters to choose from, these felt decorations are some of our favourites at Sous Chef.

Felt So Good was founded by Adele Zara Collinson in 2009, after she was inspired Nepalese handmade felt. Her colourful designs are crafted in Nepal, by skilled artisans who use traditional techniques. All materials and dyes used by Felt So Good are natural and biodegradable.

Choose between the bumble bee, lobster, Christmas prawn or - new for 2024 - the Bakery Bunny, BBQ King, and 'Got Milk?' Christmas Cow!

 biodegradable christmas decorations

The Re-usable Advent Calendars!

Maison Bremond's showpiece Advent calendar is filled with artisan treats from their local area in Provence. Think fruit jellies, lemon biscuits, olive oil, balsamic, nougat and a few treats for pampering yourself, like olive oil soap and lavender hand cream. Treasure the contents - which all support the local economy in Provence - then keep the wooden box and use it to store ingredients, tins or make your own Christmas hamper-tray for friends and family!

 Sustainable Advent Calendars

Crackers That Do Good

Each set of these Fruity Bees crackers include eco-friendly selection of gifts: beeswax wrap, Tiptree honey, beeswax candle, sed markers, bee saving seeds and more!
Best sustainable Christmas crackers 2023

Wooden Children's Toys

This charming sushi set includes a tray, soy sauce bottle and dish, plus pieces of salmon, tuna, shrimp and tamago.

There’s even two sheets of seaweed you can wrap around the rice to make your wooden sushi more realistic. This colourful play set is a fun way to encourage creative thinking and get little ones into food from a young age. 

This set is made from PlanWood. PlanWood is a sustainable wood made from sawdust and factory wood offcuts - so no new trees need to be felled. Free of heavy chemicals, these are safe and sustainably made toys.

Laguiole en Aubrac Gourmet Knife Block of 6 Kitchen Knives, Mixed Woods

Artisan French Knives

Laguiole en Aubrac brought the art of knife-making back to Espalion in the 20th century, creating the highest quality, artisanal stainless steel knives. The original Laguiole knife dates back to 1829. A simple folding knife became the talk of not only the town, but the whole country loved for its practicality and elegant, intricate design.

These knives are some of the finest examples of Laguiole artistry.

The origin of the blade must also be authenticated. Laguiole en Aubrac is a registered trademark which proves its origin. The logo and name of the registered brand must also be visible - Laguiole en Aubrac signifies this with a bull. 

Breakfast Organic Cotton Tea Towel

Stylish Organic Cotton

Quite Nice Clothing is a small independent producer of playful food and drink themed cotton goods. Made in the UK and committed to being as green as possible, designs are hand-drawn and screen printed onto the best quality, durable 100% Organic cotton. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly, even the packaging is compostable and recyclable! 

Cookut Multifunction Dutch Oven with Pot Holders, Green

Cast Iron For Life

Cookut is a cookware company with a mission to promote joyful living that has a low environmental impact. The French brand prioritises the use of renewable and natural raw materials in all of its products, from sustainable wood to recyclable metal. By creating multi-functional and easy-to-use cookware, Cookut hopes to encourage more people to discover – or rediscover – the joy of home cooking. And, it doesn’t stop there.

For every product made, Cookut finances the reintroduction of a bee in France by supporting local beekeepers, as well as financially supporting projects that protect endangered species.

Teakhaus Herringbone Cutting Board Medium Thickness, Large

The board that keeps your knife sharp 

Made from sustainable teak wood, it’s thick and heavy, giving you a sturdy surface for chopping and carving. Teak exudes oily resins that keep it conditioned, so it requires less maintenance than other wooden boards.

Use this heavy-duty chopping board to prepare your favourite cuts of meat or to serve sliced steak straight to the table. It could also be used to serve cheese and charcuterie.

The hardwood end grain is much more durable than other boards and will keep knives sharp and will look beautiful stored on your counter or stovetop. With minimal care, your board will last for years.

Arcos Nordika Santoku Knife, 19cm

Sustainable Kitchen Knives

Arcos knives are made in Spain using the highest quality sustainable materials and carefully perfected manufacturing processes.

They use a uniquely formulated Nitrum stainless steel for their blades to create knives with increased hardness, greater cutting power and a longer lasting edge.

The handles are made of 100% natural wood from FSC approved forests, with 100% recycled packaging, which reduces plastic usage by 70%.

Arcos make knives that are not only built last, but revolutionise the kitchenware industry - proving sustainable methods still create the same premium quality.

Edible Plates, Cups and Cutlery!

Stroodles edible wafer cups to serve coffee, cocktails and desserts. They’re guaranteed to steal the show at your next barbecue or family gathering. Fill them with fruity smoothies, Eton Mess or an indulgent chocolate mousse. They’re ideal for soup or hot chocolate on chilly evenings, too.

Made from natural grains, these wafer cups are edible, vegan and 100% biodegradable. They’re an innovative, eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic and styrofoam cups that can’t be recycled. They’re suitable for cold and hot drinks (up to 85 degrees) and will remain intact for up to 40 minutes. 

Stroodles edible cups won’t crumble and their flavourless formula won’t affect the taste of your beverage. Once you’ve finished your drink, you can snack on the wafer cup. Pair them with a Stroodles pasta straw for fun, sustainable sipping!

Filt String Bag in Lime Green, Long Handle

Stylish Bag For Life

This 100% cotton bag is compact, soft to touch and made from sustainable materials. Never have to reach for a single-use plastic one again with one of these stylish bags in your handbag or backpack. 

String bags like these have been used in France for decades and were traditionally used to carry groceries. The strong cotton net bags squish down into almost nothing, so they’re a convenient way to make sure you always have a bag to hand.

Maison Bremond PGI Lavender Honey, 250g

Regional Honey

Maison Bremond’s PGI lavender honey from Provence is fresh with floral notes of lavender that beautifully compliment the sweetness of this sticky syrup. This honey has a light golden in colour, to reflect the delicate flavour from the PGI lavender, which has a subtle fruity note.

The lavender that Masion Bremond use in their honey has protected geographical status (PGI), meaning they only use the finest and freshest lavender from Carces in Provence. 

Enjoy this honey drizzled over porridge or sweet fruit tarts, or dissolve a teaspoon in water for a sweet herbal honey tea. 

Takenaka Caston Blue Two Compartment Bento Box

100% Recycled Lunch Boxes

Takenaka's range of stylish bento boxes are thoughtfully designed, and use only recycled PET plastic bottles - usually used for water or fizzy drinks. While many products can be recycled, it's always a joy to use something that has been recycled itself! These bento lunch boxes are BPA free and available in a range of colours so you can store and transport food in style.

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