Best Advent Calendars For Adults 2019

Advent calendars for adults have become hugely popular in recent years. Everybody loves an advent calendar, after all! The excitement of getting a treat each day brightens up even the darkest of December mornings and eases us into the festive season. 

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The Best Foodie Advent Calendars for Adults in 2024

Here are Sous Chef’s pick of the best unusual advent calendars for adults, getting you into the Christmas spirit in the most delicious ways possible!

What Makes a Great Advent Calendar?

We've brought together a selection of calendars here that are full of surprises. Plus some calendars you won't find anywhere else. Each year, we spend months sourcing the finest Advent treats from the world's best producers – from Danish liquorice to delights from Provence.

Lakrids Liquorice Advent Calendar

Most advent calendars give you one treat each day in the count down to Christmas. But the Lakrids luxury liquorice advent calendar gives you – wait for it – TWO gourmet liquorice surprises every day! It’s a fantastic choice for sharing between a liquorice-loving couple, or just for a true liquorice fiend.

True to Lakrids’ form, there’s lots of flavour combinations to discover. Like chocolate, coffee, raspberry and other ingredients expertly married with the finest Danish liquorice.

Lebkuchen are traditional German biscuits, said to have been invented by medieval monks. With a soft texture somewhere between a cake and a cookie, these spiced biscuits are similar to gingerbread but richer and made with honey instead of molasses. They are particularly popular at Christmastime, but they’re delicious all year round!

Decorated with a snowy village scene, the fold-out Advent calendar is also a beautiful Christmas decoration to display in your home. Opening each door to discover a bite-sized biscuit is fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

Back for a second year, the hugely popular Spice Discovery calendar is packed with unusual flavours from around the world. The smart box calendar opens up to reveal individual sachets, each one complete with tasting notes and recipe ideas, be it cubeb pepper crème anglaise to ma khaen berry marinade, or a festive mulled wine.

This stunning 3D calendar comes from Neuhaus Chocolates – one of the finest chocolate houses in Belgium, perhaps the world. The silky smooth chocolate is beautifully delicate and has a wonderful snap, all blended with exquisite ingredients, carefully sourced for the very best flavour. Each window stands vertically, creating a beautiful festive scene in the run-up to Christmas.

Or go for the fun 2D version from Neuhaus – also filled with beautiful Belgian pralines. Decorated with a cheerful European market scene. Filled with 25 of Neuhaus’ best-loved chocolates, from hazelnut pralines to pure caramels and sesame centres, this sweet advent calendar is a real treat for both children and adults. 

Mozart Marzipan Advent Calendar, 350g

Mazet are heralded as the creators of the French caramel almond praline. Their charming Advent calendar is filled with signature pralines, aromatic fruit jellies and beautiful chocolate treats. Mazet has been producing pralines and chocolates from their workshop in Montargis since 1903. The recipe for their famous grilled and caramelised almonds is the same today as when it was invented for the court of Louis XIII in 1636, and Mazet is synonymous with this iconic French candy.

Venchi's Chocolate Advent calendar features beautiful Italian chocolate, from the makers who have been creating exquisite chocolate since 1878. The classically illustrated calendar makes a wonderful gift, and will make the countdown to Christmas just a little bit sweeter.

a sweet way to countdown to Christmas. This colourful calendar has 24 days, each hiding a packet of popcorn in six indulgent flavours - salted caramel, berry-licious, peanut butter, pop ‘n’ choc, pecan pie and butterscotch. Popcorn Shed’s kernels have a thin hull, making the popcorn easy to chew. In festive shades of green and red, this advent calendar makes a great treat for the whole family.

This gin tasting box features classic flavours of elderflower and ginger, alongside unusual ingredients of pumpkin and black pepper. It also includes one new and unreleased flavour from Gin In A Tin - but we won’t spoil the surprise! 

For more Christmas inspiration take a look at all our Christmas food gifts here,


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