Best Advent Calendars For Adults 2019

Advent calendars for adults have become hugely popular in recent years. Everybody loves an advent calendar, after all! The excitement of getting a treat each day brightens up even the darkest of December mornings and eases us into the festive season. 

Please note, our Advent calendars for 2021 will be updated in September, keep your eyes peeled!

The Best Foodie Advent Calendars for Adults in 2021

Here are Sous Chef’s pick of the best unusual advent calendars for adults, getting you into the Christmas spirit in the most delicious ways possible!

What Makes a Great Advent Calendar?

We've brought together a selection of calendars here that are full of surprises. Plus some calendars you won't find anywhere else. Each year, we spend months sourcing the finest Advent treats from the world's best producers – from Danish liquorice to iconic Flying Goose sriracha.

Our Pick of the Best Food Advent Calendars in 2021

 Calendar Why We Love It! Contents Price
12 Days of Sriracha Brand new for 2021 12x 250ml bottles of sriracha. Each in a different flavour. £39.99
Terre Exotique Spice Discover Brand new for 2021 24 spices, peppers, chillies and blends from around the world. £25
Neuhaus Pop-Up Perfect to display 24 of Belgium's finest praline chocolates in different flavours. £57
Lakrids Liquorice Cult favourite 24 doors, with 2 iconic pieces of Lakrids liquorice £45
Mazet Advent Calendar Finest French confectionery 24 doors, of pralines, jellies and chocolate £24.99
Tony's Chocolonely Cult favourite 24 doors, with individually wrapped pieces of Tony's chocolate £16.99
Mozart Marzipan Cult favourite 24 doors of fine German marzipan £29.99
Francois Doucet Finest French confectionery 24 doors, with fruit jellies and pralines £23.99

Lakrids Liquorice Advent Calendar

Lakrids Liquorice Advent Calendar

Most advent calendars give you one treat each day in the count down to Christmas. But the Lakrids luxury liquorice advent calendar gives you – wait for it – TWO gourmet liquorice surprises every day! It’s a fantastic choice for sharing between a liquorice-loving couple, or just for a true liquorice fiend.

True to Lakrids’ form, there’s lots of flavour combinations to discover. Like chocolate, coffee, raspberry and other ingredients expertly married with the finest Danish liquorice.

Francois Doucet Advent Calendar

Francois Doucet Advent Calender

If you love classic French confectionery, this ultimate Advent Calendar of classic French treats is the one for you. Try favourites such as crunchy caramelised nut pralines, sugar-coated aromatic fruit jellies, chocolates and chocolate-enrobed fruit centres. And behind every window there is often more that one treat - which we're confident you won't want to share!

Mazet de Montargis Advent Calendar

Mazet de Montargis Advent Calendar

OK, so a calendar illustrated with a cute animals may not look like it’s for adults. But the treats inside are sure to make any sweet-toothed grown up happy!

The advent calendar features sweets and chocolates from Mazet de Montargis, a French luxury confectioner. As well as fruit jellies and indulgent chocolates, you’ll find Mazet’s original ‘praslines’. These are crisp, caramelised almonds with a hint of vanilla, and are made to a recipe that was originally developed for the court of Louis XIII. This is one advent calendar that will make you feel like a royal every day.

Terre Exotique Flavour Discover Advent Calendar

The Flavour Discovery Advent Calendar

If you want 2021 to be full of new and exciting flavours, then this is the advent calendar for you. 24 windows filled with sweet and savoury spices, salts and peppers from across the globe, complete with tasting notes and recipe ideas.

Mozart Marzipan Advent Calendar

The Mozart chocolate & marzipan advent calendar is the only way for marzipan lovers to count down the days until Christmas! The large advent calendar is filled with an assortment of some of the finest German marzipan, made near Austria's Salzburg, Mozart's birthplace.

Within layers of milk and dark chocolate, you’ll discover soft marzipan made from specially selected pistachios and almonds. There’s also hidden delights like hazelnut praline and coffee cream truffles. 



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