Coloured Sushi Wrappers

Coloured Sushi Wrappers


Coloured sushi wrappers are translucent sheets made from soya beans used for wrapping spring rolls and sushi. The pack includes two of each naturally coloured sheets: turmeric yellow, spinach green, paprika orange, sesame-studded and 'original'.

The coloured soy paper is a fun alternative to nori seaweed, with a melt-in-the-mouth quality. They also have a more subtle taste than nori, which appeal to sushi lovers who aren't fans of seaweed! No preservatives are used in the soybean protein sheets – only natural colorants. 

The soy wrappers are also known as mamenori or mame nori, which literally translates as 'bean seaweed' - a reference to how the soy sushi wrappers take the place of nori in sushi.

Contains sesame and soya.


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