Organic Dried Chestnuts


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Origin: Italy
SKU: LP0002
Size: 250g
Cuisine: Italy
Minimum Shelf Life: 3 months


Keep a bag of organic dried chestnuts in the cupboard to bring rich substance and a nutty sweetness to soups, casseroles and stews. The chestnuts do need soaking before you can cook them, but after that you can add them to chicken or beef stews, or puree them and add to desserts.

The chestnuts add a rich, nutty flavour and a natural sweetness to dishes. They go particularly well with winter vegetables, such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and squash. Once soaked and drained, you can even add the chestnuts to a pan of brown rice before cooking to add greater depth of flavour.

Try grinding the dried chestnuts to make your own coarse chestnut ‘flour’. Sprinkle over bread dough just before baking for a nutty crust.

If you want to use the dried chestnuts in cooking, it’s recommended that you soak the nuts in cold water for at least two hours. Then drain and add to your cooking. Make sure there’s plenty of liquid when you cook the chestnuts so they go soft all the way through. You can cook them in any low-acidic liquid – try using a vegetable or chicken stock or broth, or even milk if using them in sweet dishes.

ALPA started in 1960, when the Gualtieri family decided to make the most of Calabria’s chestnuts. They specially select the best chestnuts to make their flours, pastas and condiments.

Ingredients: 100% dried organic chestnuts.

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