Mason Jars



Mason Jars

The iconic Mason jars with lids were originally designed by John Landis Mason in the nineteenth century, but have endured to become a twenty-first century staple thanks to their versatility and durability.

How to use Mason jars

Mason jars are watertight and airtight and feature a two-part metal lid with a sealing ring, making them ideal for preserving fruits, vegetables, jams and pickles.

Which Mason jars should I buy?

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with both regular and wide mouth - easy to fill and easy to spoon straight from jar to plate

Glass mason jars come in clear and aqua and look attractive in pantries and on open shelves filled with homemade ferments and bottled stone fruits. Mason jars are also ideal for storing dried goods, for packed lunch salads and even for serving cocktails or layered desserts in.