Italian Coffee



Italian Coffee

Ask any Italian, and they will tell you that Italian coffee is the best in the world. 

Although the same could be said of other countries, there’s no arguing with the fact that Italy is the birthplace of espresso, and Italian coffee holds a special place in the hearts of coffee enthusiasts

Espresso is at the heart of Italian coffee culture. It's a concentrated coffee brewed by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee beans. 

The result is a shot of strong, aromatic coffee that can be enjoyed on its own, or used as the foundation for other classic Italian coffee drinks

Espresso-making process is an art in itself, with skilled baristas known for their precise techniques and espresso machines that produce consistent, high-quality brews.

Italian coffee culture emphasises simplicity and authenticity. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed quickly, often standing at a bar, and it's a part of daily life for Italians. 

Classic Italian coffee drinks include the espresso, cappuccino, and macchiato, each with its specific preparation and tradition. 

Cappuccinos, for instance, are typically enjoyed only in the morning, never after a meal, as Italians prefer not to mix milk-based drinks with food.