Egg Cups



Egg Cups

Egg cups are the ultimate breakfast luxury! What is more wholesome and absorbing than a boiled egg? Tapping the top to break the shell, then scooping it off to reveal the unctuous yellow yolk, just waiting for a toast soldier to be dunked in it… it’s a ceremony all of its own. But all that would be impossible without an egg cup.

Typically made of ceramic, porcelain, or even metal, egg cups usually feature a cup-shaped receptacle atop a pedestal or base. 

They may even come with a matching spoon. These elegant little vessels cradle the egg securely, making it easy to enjoy a soft-boiled or hard-boiled egg without it ending up on the floor. 

Beyond their utilitarian purpose, egg cups are also considered collectibles and have been used for decorative purposes, adorned with various patterns and designs. 

Whether for a traditional breakfast, a lunchtime snack, or a child’s tea, the egg cup should have a home in every kitchen.