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SKU: MB0022
Size: 5 x 400g bags
Technique: Smoking
Also known as: Food-safe woodchips
Recipe Ideas: Hot Smoking: What Do I need for American BBQ?, 10 Top Tips from The Experts for American BBQ


For use with the ProQ Frontier, or the ProQ Excel, and any kettle BBQ

This wood chip selection contains five packs of naturally flavoured wood chips for hot smoking food. Each variety of wood gives off a differently-flavoured smoke, which can will infuse exciting flavours into fish, meats, cheeses and vegetables. Pair the different woods with different foods – while hickory smoke gives off big flavours best used for brisket or ribs, beech has a more delicate aroma, suitable for fish and hard cheeses. Cherry and apple are great mixed together giving a lovely spicy balance - for almost any classic American style BBQ.

To cook low 'n' slow, American-BBQ style, arrange coals in the basket of your smoker in a horseshoe shape. Sprinkle over the wood chips, and then pour hot coals - using a chimney starter is easiest - into the centre of the horseshoe (see photo). Sprinkle a small handful of chips onto the hot coals. The coals will burn slowly outwards, keeping the BBQ lit for hours, with the chips burning evenly as they go.

Save £2.50 when you buy all five packs of Wood Chips together

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