Risotto Paddle


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Origin: Italy
SKU: ET0032
Cuisine: Italy


This cherry wood risotto paddle is specially created to make the creamiest risotto. The risotto paddle is designed with a hole in the centre to increase the surface area that the rice passes when the risotto is stirred rapidly towards the end of cooking.

The rapid stirring or beating is known as the mantecatura, as the butter and cheese is added towards the end of making the risotto. As you beat the risotto, and the rice passes the risotto spoon, the starch on the outside of the grains breaks down, and water emulsifies with fats. This produces the unique creamy consistency and texture of a great risotto. The risotto paddle also has a flat base, and straight sides to keep any grains from sticking on the base of the pan.

The risotto spoon pairs well with the cherry-wood spaghetti server

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