ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes


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SKU: MB0050
Size: 10kg
Technique: Smoking


ProQ cocoshell briquettes are a revolutionary new barbecue charcoal. The compact bricks burn for up to 3 times longer than standard lump wood charcoal, which means less top-ups and waiting for new coals to get hot. And because they’re made from compressed coconut shells, they’re also a sustainable option.

The cocoshell briquettes also burn hotter than regular charcoal, so they’re ideal for high-temperature grilling. The briquettes are 100% natural, with no added sulphur or other chemicals. This means that they’re tasteless and odourless – so you don’t get any unwanted flavours on your food.

If you think they couldn’t get any better, think again! Cocoshell briquettes produce less ash than standard charcoal, so you don’t have as much tidying up to do.

Use ProQ cocoshell briquettes in your ProQ BBQ smoker or any other charcoal barbecue.

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