German Food & Ingredients

German cookware & ingredients

Use German wooden cookware to make traditional German dishes. Make authentic spaetzle from Swabia with the wooden spaetzle board and spaetzle scraper. Or make traditional German spiced biscuits called springerle, with our range of springerle and speculaas biscuit moulds and rolling pin.

You’ll also find classic German confectionery – like Mozart-Kugeln, which are chocolate covered marzipan sweets. And Asbach liqueur chocolates filled with fine German brandy wine.

Articles & Recipes

  • Springerle biscuit roller

    Do You Know Your Springerle From Your Speculaas?

    December 1st, 2017
  • Traditional German Springerle Recipe

    Traditional German Springerle Recipe

    • Overnight with 30 minutes cooking

    • Intermediate