Cereal & Dessert Bowls



Cereal & Dessert Bowls

Breakfast in style with a cereal bowl to match your mood. From splatter glazed ceramic bowls from Puglia to artisan dappled stoneware, we have sophisticated bowls perfect to take you from morning to evening. 

Pick your perfect cereal bowl for your breakfast porridge that can double as a dessert bowl for your evening gelato.

Go loopy for fruit loops and fruit sorbet scoops in our range of whimsical fruit-inspired ceramics from Portugal. For camping and al fresco dining, look no further than our vibrant and durable enamel bowls. 

Our range of cereal and dessert bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and appetites. 

Use for homemade granola and bircher muesli or sugary puffed rice and cornflakes. Breakfast has never looked so beautiful! Wash them up in time for dessert ready to fill with pavlova, rice pudding or crumble and custard. The perfect bowls to bookend your day.