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Christmas is coming, and it’s around about now that we start making mental lists of things to buy in the run-up to the festive season. Shopping for the right presents can be tricky, but if the key to a person’s heart is through their stomach, then these Christmas food gifts suggestions will offer the perfect inspiration.

Sourced by Sous Chef from all over the world, these gift ideas draw upon artisan delicacies and cooking accessories across the globe. From traditional Italian panettone to a stunning olive oils, our 2020 Christmas food gift list is the go-to for the difficult-to-buy-fors, the foodie know-it-alls and most importantly, those people who deserve an extra special present this year.

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Gifts For the Globetrotter

Karasuba-Iro Ramen Bowl Set

As anyone who has visited Japan knows, there’s a huge difference between proper ramen and the cheap, freeze-dried stuff on supermarkets shelves in the West. It all begins with picking the right crockery, and these authentic Japanese ramen bowl sets are a brilliant present for anyone who has set foot in a real ramen shop and has never looked back.

The ramen spoons, recipe booklet, ramen bowls and gift bag that complete the set will make a ramen lover’s Christmas this year.

Gifts For the Italophile

Frantoio Muraglia Intense Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Octopus Terracotta Bottle, 500ml

Stored in this funky hand-painted bottle is 500ml of intensely fruity olive oil made from cold-pressed Coratina olives. These olives are native to the Apulia region of Italy and made by Frantoio Muraglia – a five-generation-old company who take huge pride in their craft.

This oil makes a brilliant food gift for anyone who enjoys the difference a good olive oil makes to a dish. Use it over a salad, or drizzled on bread, Frantoio Muraglia extra virgin olive oil is a wonderful culinary accompaniment to keep close at hand.

Gifts For the Vegan

The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit

The perfect food gift for anyone following a vegan diet or trying to cut back on dairy. This kit enables you to make a selection of vegan cheeses, including parmesan, feta, mascarpone, ricotta and mozzarella.

The easy-to-follow instructions allow you to make delicious dairy-free cheeses – in fact, 20 batches of them - in your own home.

Gifts For the Gastronome

Mini Truffle Gift Set

Truffles are a gourmet’s dream ingredient, and this gift set brings them to your kitchen. The carefully selected truffle products by Marini & Azzolini come all the way from the home of Italy’s truffle market, Acqualagna and show off the aroma and flavour of this most indulgent of foods.

Gifts For the Dinner Party Host

Muzzi Pear & Chocolate Panettone 1kg

Sous Chef Milano Panettone, 1kg

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a fluffy, buttery panettone, and this one from renowned producers Muzzi fits the bill perfectly. Untie the twine and paper wrapping to reveal this festive treat made with the finest ingredients.

While a slice of this is perfect with a coffee or hot chocolate during the day, its simplicity as a dessert served with ice cream and a liqueur at the end of a dinner party will make your host a very grateful recipient.

Gifts For the Style-Conscious

Fiasconaro Dolce and Gabbana Panettone

And speaking of panettone, we couldn’t not include this lavish offering from Fiasconaro who have teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana to produce a delicious panettone sweetened with Vecchio Samperi (an aromatic, aged Marsala wine), then studded with sweet Sicilian almonds and sugar grains.

Packaged in this unique hatbox created by the Italian designers, this delicious treat has the style credentials to impress your favourite fashionista.

Gifts For Mini Green Fingers

Piccolo Slim Jim Aubergine Seeds

Know a young gardener in the making? This fun-sized pack from Herboo produces lovely herbs - that grow quickly on your windowsill, or in a pot on the balcony. No previous gardening experience needed!

Gifts For the Morning Person

Sant'Eustachio Coffee Beans, 1kg

Start the day right with the best cup of coffee, like this authentic Turkish coffee from Mehmet Efendi.

We’ve got so many more Christmas food gifts online and available from our Christmas food gift page. Whether it’s treating a loved one, or buying stocking fillers, the weird, wonderful and utterly delicious are all available in-store.


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