The Sous Chef Christmas Catalogue 2023

Welcome to Christmas at Sous Chef!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for food lovers, and that’s why we’re so excited to share our best ever seasonal collection. Sourced from the finest suppliers and producers across the globe we’ve hand-picked a unique selection of Christmas classics, artisan tableware and flavours to inspire - plus we can’t wait for you to try our first exclusive luxury Sous Chef Christmas products.

Nicola Lando, CEO, Sous Chef 



Our 12 Highlights for Christmas 2023: 

  1. NEW Sous Chef Panettone - A classic Milano panettone, made by a family of bakers who still use the very same 100-year old mother yeast of their ancestors!

  2. NEW Tea towels and aprons - Illustrated with favourite cookbooks, ingredients and stories from the kitchen.

  3. NEW Stunning Ceramics - Bright bold colours with hand-painted ingredients including seafood, fruit and ingredients.

  4. NEW Foodie Jewelry - A bit of fun, the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook and eat.

  5. NEW Parmesan Chocolate - Not a gimmick, this artisan chocolate is filled with umami savoury parmesan. Wonderful with champagne.

  6. TOP PICK Terre Exotique Sesame & Yuzu - A favourite of Sous Chef founder Nicola, this is a flavour combination you need to try...

  7. NEW Tree Decorations - From oyster shells to miniature cheese shops - find the best foodie tree decorations at Sous Chef this year.

  8. NEW Puglian Olive Oil – In a beautiful copper-gold bottle, this olive oil is made by the renowned Gugliemi family in Apuglia.

  9. NEW Glass With Character - Discover hundreds of designs from artisan glass makers Ichendorf Milano.

  10. EXCLUSIVE Food-Lover's Puzzle - Designed just for Sous Chef, these puzzles feature mesmerising food scenes.

  11. TOP PICK Historic Balsamic - Some of the world's best-loved balsamic from makers Giuseppe Giusti.

  12. NEW Laguiole Knives - The sharpest tools you need in the kitchen, made in France from sustainable materials.

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