Camerons stovetop smoker

If you like the idea of a hot smoker but aren't sure how to use it this guide is for you! Learn how to use the smoker on the stove or in the oven, what you can cook and it's other alternative uses.

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How to use the smoker

  1. Place one to two tablespoons of wood chips in a small pile in the centre of the smoker base. Lay the drip tray and rack in position on top.
  2. Line the tray with foil for easier clean up. Add the trivet and place on the ingredients you wish to smoke.
  3. Place on any stovetop (gas, electric, induction or aga). Medium heat settings yield the best results.

CAUTION: If you have a flat top/glass top or ceramic top stove, please check with your stove manufacturer or your stove manual to make sure you can use an oversized piece (a piece that is larger than the element portion of your cooktop). 

    What can I cook in the smoker?

    hot smoked prawns

    Hot smoking is a simple, fun way to add another dimension of flavour to your cooking. A wide range of foods can be hot smoked including meat, fish and vegetables, dairy products such as cream and butter, egg yolks, garlic and seasonings, such as salt. 

    Some simple ideas to get started: 

    1. Smoked sauces or condiments - Try smoking chillies, avocados or tomatoes then blend to make smokey salsas, guacamole or chilli sauce.
    2. Nuts - Try dry-roasting your nuts before smoking and coating in your choice of spices to upgrade the classic bar snack.
    3. Burgers - Sear burgers then smoke to add flavour, great for hamburgers or vegetarian burgers alike
    4. Garlic Bulbs - Smoke whole garlic bulbs then roast before whizzing into a creamy dip
    5. Hot smoked prawns - Simply put some freshwater prawns into a smoker (250g is perfect for the smaller smoker), and smoke with oak wood chips until cooked. Serve with a side of mayo.

        Recipes using the Camerons smoker

        Below are some recipes ideas we have tried and tested at Sous Chef to ensure you get perfect results! But if you want even more ideas, each stovetop smoker comes with an included booklet with over 30 recipes and instructions - where you can try smoky tomatoes, hickory smoked ribs and more...

        Hot Smoked Duck, Pickled Walnut and Vincotto Salad 

        Hot Smoked Duck, Pickled Walnut and Vincotto Salad

        Rich, tender smoked duck breast, tart pickled walnuts and bitter radicchio leaves combine to make a salad that’s full of pleasing contrasts. 

        Stovetop Smoked Salmon 

        Stovetop Smoked Salmon

        See how easy it is to smoke a piece of fresh salmon at home. We love to eat this warm from the smoker with charred leeks and a creamy mustard sauce.

        Hot Smoked Tofu 

        Hot Smoked Tofu

        Tofu makes a perfect base for smoke flavour and is incredibly versatile. Try dicing and folding into steaming fried rice, add to a frittata with spring onions, or top noodles (don’t forget the crispy chilli oil!). 

        Smoked Steak 

        Smoked Steak

        Smoking your steak before pan searing is akin to the reverse-sear method, using smoke to very gently begin the cooking process rather than the oven. Serve your smoked steak with a salad of bitter leaves dressed with a lip-tingling shallot vinaigrette and triple cooked chips. 

        Five-spice tea smoked duck breast 

        This recipe is great for impressing guests, family or a loved one. And whilst it may seem complicated, if you take it step by step it is very easy to follow. What’s more, when smoking the duck with the rose petals, caster sugar and rice, they release a beautiful fragrant aroma. Just make sure you let your duck rest after cooking to make sure the temperature equilibrates.

        Other Uses for Your Smoker 

        1. As a Steamer

          Omit the drip tray and add 1 / 4 inch of water or other liquids (wine, etc.) to the base of the pan. Place rack into the pan and arrange food. Turn burner to medium heat and when the liquid starts to simmer slide on the lid. This is an excellent method to steam vegetables, reheat leftovers, or warm rolls.

        2. As a Roasting Pan

          Fold in the handles and omit the lid and you have a quality stainless steel roasting pan. Also, you will find many of the recipes call for partially smoking an item, then finishing the cooking in the oven or crisping under the broiler. Use caution when moving from the stovetop to broiler or BBQ.

        3. For Outdoor Use

          Your stovetop smoker-cooker works great on a campfire, camp stove, or BBQ. It is a wonderful addition to your RV or boat. For camping it can be used for everything from fresh smoked fish to popping corn over the fire. It is quality stainless steel so it won’t rust. Just remember to watch your cooking times as heat will vary from stovetop recipes.

        4. As a Poacher

          Your smoker makes an excellent poacher. Simply omit the drip tray, placing the rack and food into the base pan and then cover with your poaching liquid and slide on the lid. Place into 350o F oven and follow cooking time in recipe.

        5. As a Stovetop Oven

          Omit the wood chips when you don’t want the smoke flavor. Your cooker will create great texture and moisture in your food without having to heat up your oven for small items. Excellent for heating leftovers or keeping food warm for complicated Christmas dinners!

        Which stovetop smoker should I buy?

        Camerons Stovetop Smoker, 28cm x 43cm

        Great size for a side of salmon. Or make a 'tent' from tin foil and smoke larger meat such as turkey or ham.

        Camerons Gourmet Mini Smoker, 18cm x 28cm

        The mini smoker is more compact, fantastic for seafood, vegetables and steaks. It's more convenient for camping or smaller meals.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How much smoke does the smoker produce?

        The smoker produces some smoke when in use, so this is expected. You can view this video here to see it in action. However, if you are finding it producing a lot of smoke while you are using it, here are some tips for troubleshooting:

        1. You only need a small amount of wood chips, make sure you are using a maximum of two tablespoons. And if you are using the minature smoker only use one tablespoon. 
        2. You can tighten or loosen the edge of the smoker using a pair of pliers to control how much air is let in and how much smoke escapes.

        How much space do I need for a Camerons stovetop smoker?

        The classic stovetop smoker measure 15" x 11" and is great for larger cuts of meat. To get an idea of size, it will roughly fit on one shelf in your oven. The Camerons gourmet mini smoker is half the size, and is roughly the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

        How do I smoke larger items?

        For smoking larger items such as turkey and ham the Camerons smoker can also be used but needs the following small modification:

        1. Remove the lid.
        2. Place the item to be smoke-cooked on the smoker rack, then make a foil tent over the top of the item. Make sure you seal the foil tightly to the flange, and if there are seams in the tent make sure that these too are tightly sealed.
        3. Place the smoker on either a gas or electric element at medium heat for the recommended time.
        4. Remove the foil and place the smoker into a preheated oven to finish off. 

        What’s the difference between a smoker and a bbq?

        Smoking takes place at an even lower heat level than BBQ to ensure more smoky flavour is imbued. It uses wood chips as its heat source to provide a large volume of smoke in which the food is cooked. Compared to BBQ which commonly uses briquettes, charcoal or gas to cook food through indirect heat and not through the smoke itself.

        Can the camerons stovetop smoker go in the dishwasher?

        Yes. The camerons stovetop smoker is made with stainless steel so just rinse it with some water once cool, take apart the pieces and place in the dishwasher. 

        Where can I buy the woodchips I need to use the Camerons stovetop smoker?

        The Camerons stovetop smoker comes with two different samples of woodchips, and each sample is good for two to three smokings. But if you do wish to buy more woodchips you can use Camerons alder smoking wood chips.

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        • My Camerons smoker is over 20 years old now, I use it regularly (smoked tomatos is a favorite) the main part and the bottom of the drip tray is blackened with use which adds to the flavour but otherwise it is in impressively good condition. Five star pieci of kit.
          The only thing that has suffered with use is the recipe booklet which is falling apart.
          So if you have a spare one throwing about I would appreciate it.
          Many thanks

          Anne Crookes on

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