Homemade Corn Tortillas, by Bricia Lopez

"Homemade corn tortillas are easier than most people imagine them to be. I always make the comparison that people take the time to make pancakes, yet they’ve never tried flipping a handmade tortilla. Look for high-quality tortilla flour. At Guelaguetza, my family’s online store, we sell the perfect tortilla flour made from heirloom Oaxacan corn."

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Asada: The Art of Mexican-Style Grilling by Bricia Lopez with Javier Cabral (Abrams, £30). Photographs copyright © 2023 Quentin Bacon

Ingredients for Corn Tortillas

How to make Corn Tortillas

  1. In a large bowl, stir together the flour and salt with a fork to combine. Pour in the water and knead with your hands until you achieve a dough-like texture. The masa should feel moist but not sticky or runny. Form 12 even balls of masa - about 2 inches (5cm) in diameter each - and set aside.
  2. Press each ball individually on a plastic wrap–lined tortilla press. Each tortilla should be about 6 inches (15cm) in diameter after pressing.
  3. On the stovetop, bring a comal or cast-iron skillet to medium heat. When hot, carefully place each tortilla, one at a time, on the comal or skillet and cook each side for about 2 minutes, until the edges start to brown a bit. Using your fingertips, apply a little bit of pressure to the tortilla as each side is cooking. Flip the tortilla a couple more times until the centre starts to lightly brown as well, and transfer to a tortilla warmer or wrap in kitchen cloth to keep them warm.
  4. Note: A tortilla does not always puff up during cooking. This is OK.
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