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Muzzi panettone from Italy

Muzzi was founded in the 18th Century by Master Muzzi in the Umbrian town Foligno, Italy. Muzzi’s aniseed marzipan recipe proved a great success with the nobility at the time, and his business grew into breads and pastries. Today, the brand makes some of the best celebration breads, panforte and panettone.

Muzzi Christmas 2021 range

This year, enjoy the jungle animal theme, with stunning leopard print and snakeskin wrapping. Inside, discover the quality panettone made with slow-leavened sourdough, using fresh eggs and Italian sugar.

2021 panettone flavours include: 

  • Traditional panettone
  • Black cherry and chocolate
  • Chocolate chip
  • Pistachio and chocolate
  • Marrons glace

Why we love Muzzi Panettone

The stylish designs set Muzzi apart, but the cakes inside are just as stunning as the paper they're wrapped in. Muzzi panettones are all made with fresh ingredients, including eggs that are delivered  to the factory daily, along with carefully selected butter, milk and sugar. The brand's recipe has been perfected since the 18th century, and the cakes are all made using a 'mother' yeast, following the sourdough method for even better flavour. 

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