Chinese Mooncake Recipe Kit

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Origin: China
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This mooncake recipe kit contains all the hard-to-find ingredients needed to make Chinese mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Mooncakes are a traditional food enjoyed during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival as well as in other East Asian countries to observe the moon and give thanks for the harvest. Circular pastry shells are filled with a sweet or savoury filling such as sweetened azuki bean paste, and pressed into a mooncake mould to create a symbolic pattern on the top and sides of the pastry. 

The mooncake recipe kit contains:

  • 2 wooden mooncake moulds – one in the shape of a chrysanthemum flower (symbolising growth, fulfillment and new beginnings) and the other leaf-shaped with Chinese character (symbolising long life). These wooden mooncake moulds are hand carved - complete with pencil marks showing how they have been cut. 
  • Azuki red beans – cook these East Asian beans to bring a distinctive, slightly earthy, nuttiness to the mooncake filling.
  • Lye water – a type of alkaline water which helps the dough to stretch and turns the pastry a lovely, even golden brown colour once baked.
  • Mooncake recipe card – full instructions on how to create mooncakes at home.

The recipe makes 12 mooncakes and the kit contains ingredients to follow the recipe twice.The kit is presented in a smart Sous Chef gift sack, making it the ideal present for baking enthusiasts. For more information see our article on the Mid-Autumn Festival and 3 useful tips for making mooncakes.

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