2-Tier Bamboo Steamer With Lid

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Origin: China
SKU: SE0029
Size: From 6" dia
Cuisine: China
Recipe Ideas: How To Make Mexican Tamales, Steamed Glutinous Rice In a Lotus Leaf, Squid Ink Prawn Cracker Recipe



Bamboo steamers are a healthy and effective way of cooking, using authentic Asian methods. The bamboo steamer sits in a few inches of boiling water at the bottom of a wok, so that as the hot steam passes through the basket, it cooks the food inside.

This stackable bamboo steamer has two levels, meaning that whole meals can be cooked in one go, with fish or meat in the bottom level, and vegetables on top. A bamboo steamer also makes a great centre piece on the table – particularly when filled with traditional treats such as wontons, sticky rice parcels or pork buns.

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