Viking Smoked Salt

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Origin: Norway
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Minimum Shelf Life: 18 months
Recipe Ideas: Quail's eggs with Smoked Salt



Viking smoked salt is a deep yellow salt, which transforms dishes with intense, Nordic, wood-smoke flavours. It is created in the Southerly Norwegian town of Egersund, using a millennium-old Viking tradition which has been recently revived and reintroduced to high end cuisine. It involves evaporating seawater over a juniper, cherry, elm, beach and oak-wood fire, infusing the salt with smoky bonfire notes.

This Viking smoked salt is enhanced with onion, black pepper and curry powder, making it a great way of bringing complex flavours to plainer dishes like  potato gratin, soufflés and is just delicious when used in fish pies. Also use it as a dry rub for red meats, as a salt dip for quails’ eggs, and twist on a classic Bloody Mary. 

Ingredients: Salt, onions, smoked salt, dextrose, pepper, turmeric, aroma

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