Silicone Chocolate Moulds, Christmas

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SKU: DE0070
Size: 16 chocolates, each 30mm x 25mm x 17mm.
Technique: Patisserie



These non-stick silicone Christmas chocolate moulds produce perfect Christmas chocolates in the shape of Christmas trees, baubles and stars. The silicone chocolate moulds can produce up to 16 chocolates at a time, each measuring roughly 30mm x 25mm x 17mm.

To create handmade Christmas chocolates with a professional finish pour tempered chocolate into the silicone chocolate moulds, filling each one to the brim. Shake the mould upside down to remove the excess chocolate, scrape the tops clean and leave to set. Fill the chocolate with a filling - Christmas pudding ganache; white chocolate and cranberry; homemade praline using pure hazelnut paste. Finally use a spatula to spread a thin layer of tempered chocolate over the top of each mould, sealing the filling inside the chocolate shell. Unmould the chocolates by simply flexing the silicone mould.

Designed for use from -40°C to 280°C, the moulds are also suitable for freezing parfaits and ices, and cooking at very high temperatures. The Christmas chocolate moulds are made from food-safe silicone and are thoroughly tested in professional kitchens by professional chefs and pastry chefs. The non-stick silicone chocolate moulds do not need to be greased before cooking.  

Dishwasher safe. 210x 105mm. Each individual chocolate is approximately 30mm x 20mm x 17mm.

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