Sansho Pepper

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Origin: Japan
SKU: TR0046
Cuisine: Japan
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months
Also known as: Prickly Ash pepper, flower pepper, huajiao



Highly prized in Japanese and Korean cooking, sansho comes from the Japanese prickly ash, and is closely related to Sichuan pepper – but with stronger lemon flavours. As with Sichuan pepper, sansho pepper is not related to black pepper. The aromatic shrub is grown in Japan, China and North Korea, and is harvested for its highly-valued, aromatic peppercorns.

Sansho peppercorns have a similar tongue-tingling hotness as Szechuan pepper. Traditionally, sansho pepper is sprinkled on kabayaki unagi (grilled eel), but it’s also a great seasoning with any cooked fish and barbequed meat.

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